Welcome to Team Thunderpuss, Sebastian!

Sebastian at the pumpkin patch.

Sebastian at the pumpkin patch.

We made it back from China and we are settling into parenthood while Sebastian is settling into his new life with us.

He is sleeping much better now that we’ve convinced him that he should be on Eastern Standard Time. Most nights, he sleeps from around 8pm to 6:30am without too much trouble. While we were in China, he hated being put in the crib, so we usually let him fall asleep in bed and then transferred him to the crib. Since we’ve been home, he’s a lot more receptive to the crib and often asks to be put in, which is a huge change.

His obsession with food is still a little tough to deal with. Sebastian eats pretty much constantly. While on the playground, he will put the snack cup down for 30 or 40 minutes but that’s about the limit. If he’s home, he wants nothing to do with the high fiber “Cheerios” in the snack cup, because he knows where we keep the bananas. Our pediatrician said to let him have as many healthy snacks as he wants, so eating is one of his number one activities. This is very typical of kiddos who have been in orphanages. The pediatrician said that he’s a healthy guy and tall for his age and not overweight. So, the food obsession should pass eventually.

We’ve  been teaching him some baby signs and he seems to be understanding a lot of English. His speech is going to be delayed a little because of his cleft palate. He can say a few words, and communication with him is getting much better.

He had his first round of doctor/dentist/speech therapy appointments at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We should have a date soon for Sebastian’s cleft palate surgery and to have tubes put in his ears. The audiologist says he has a little temporary hearing loss from fluid in his ear canals, and that’s pretty typical for kiddos with clefts.

We have applied for a morning preschool program at the Methodist Church in Decatur. In a week, he will go Monday and Friday mornings, so I can get some editing and promotion work done for my business. I’m going to try to freelance as a profession. No more corporate job, woohoo!

Overall, Sebastian is a fun loving little dude and we are so happy to have him home. We’ve been rediscovering Atlanta with trips to the zoo, aquarium, botanical garden, children’s museum and almost every park within driving distance. We have been doing a lot more walking in our neighborhood, and have met lots of nice families who live nearby.

We can’t thank our friends and families enough for all of the love and support they’ve shown us. We were showered with delicious meals and beautiful second hand clothes for Sebastian when we got home.

We are especially grateful for our friends Laura Louise and Nick Ingkatanuwat. Their kiddo Leo is very close to Sebastian’s age, so we’ve been hanging out with them almost every day. They have  helped us survive our first couple of months of parenthood!

We will try to keep everyone updated on the date for his upcoming surgery. We have been that told Dr Williams is one of the best surgeons in the world for cleft palate surgery, so we are confidant that he’s in good hands.

-Bonnie (Robert and Sebastian)


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