Away we go!

photoWe fly to China a week from today! Are we ready? That’s a big question.

We still have some baby furniture to put together for his room, and a little child proofing left to do. But, that’s not the answer to the big question.

Are we ready to be parents? Wow. We have been preparing for this big change in our lives for a few years. Now that we’re so close to having our son in our arms, it seems a little unreal. I don’t think any amount of reading, studying, parent podcast listening can really prepare us for parenthood.

Everyone is saying, “You guys must be so excited!”

We are super excited. Over-the-moon excited. But, we’re also scared, too. But, I think that we have a rational balance between excited and scared. I think if we were 100 percent excited, and not a little nervous, we would probably be delusional. We know it’s not going to be easy. Bonding may take a while. There will be a lot of things we will have to figure out about how to take care of a toddler. Our lifestyle is about to change for the next 17+ years!

I think we’re as ready as we can be. Let the great adventure begin. Away we go!



3 thoughts on “Away we go!

  1. That picture!! He melts my heart already! I can’t wait to meet him.

    Thanks for sharing your excitement and your truths. Remember you have your community to draw strength from when you need it.

    Thinking of you three and your adventure of a lifetime! Looking forward to hearing stories and meeting this bright little soul. He is so lucky to have found you two.


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