Surgery success!


Sebastian looks a little dazed, but he’s recovering well from his cleft lip surgery.

So this was the week Sebastian was due to have his cleft lip correction surgery performed in China. We’ve been a little stressed all week, concerned over how it would go for him and we just learned this afternoon that the surgery was a success and he’s recovering just fine! It’s a comfort to know he’s under the care of the loving folks at Peace House and that one of his playmates was there with him (and underwent surgery as well).

In just a couple of short months we’ll be bringing him home, so we’re finishing up some work on the house and filing the last of our paperwork. We’re estimating that we’ll be traveling around August 16th to pick him up.


5 thoughts on “Surgery success!

  1. That IS a relief. So wonderful to have updates. I can’t wait for more and to finally meet him. Love you three!

  2. Bless his little heart. I know how much you must wish you could be there with him. Getting closer by the day. šŸ™‚

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