Happy Birthday, Sebastian!

sebastianzitonglambA few days ago, we received our Letter of Acceptance from China! It’s official, folks!!!

We have a few more pieces of paper work that go back and forth between us and China, but if all goes well, we will be traveling to pick him up in August.

In the last round of paperwork, we got to pick out a name for him. We’re keeping his Chinese name as his middle name… Sebastian Zitong Lamb. This way his name includes a little of our history, a little of his history and something entirely new.

Our son turns one today. Although we’re a little sad not to be with him on his one year birthday, we’re excited to be making plans to bring him home in just a few months.

He’s having surgery to correct his cleft lip in China next month and a few months after he comes home, he will have cleft palate surgery. We are nervous about his upcoming surgeries, but we consulted with our (soon-to-be) pediatricians at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. They assured us that Chinese doctors do good work on cleft lips, and it’s best to have some time between the surgeries.

As you can see, he’s a happy little guy! We can’t wait to bring him home!



8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sebastian!

  1. Hey Robert, I know you and Bonnie are really getting exited! It’s been a lot of work for you both to make this happen. Jeannie and I are so happy and proud that you have made this committment to raising an adopted son. We will always be there to help in any way we can. Now comes the hard part , waiting! I’m not worried as you both have a great deal of patients.
    Love you both and Happy Birthday to Sebastian!
    Bill & Jeannie

  2. Bonnie and Rob, this is just the kind of news that fills the heart-spaces up so big. I am so happy for you three. I will be keeping little Sebastian in my thoughts for successful surgeries. What a lucky fella to have found such wonderful parents!!! Big love to you guys!

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