We have a referral!


We hope to share photos soon. The little guy was born in the year of the dragon.

We have big, big news! Our agency sent us a referral last week. The kiddo is a little boy who will be a year old in April. He has a pretty severe cleft palate and cleft lip, but we had a doctor look over his medical file, and she told us that little Tong Tong (his nick name) is doing really well, developmentally. We just emailed Holt with our Letter of Intent, which is the first step in the process for us bringing this little guy home.

You might be surprised that we got a referral for a boy, but since we are on the special needs list for adoption from China, there are a lot of boys who are up for adoption, some of them with very repairable special needs. Since we asked for either a boy or a girl, and several families are still asking for girls, we received a referral more quickly.

We’ve learned that Children’s Health Care of Atlanta is one of the best places in the county for surgery for cleft palates and cleft lips. They have a very comprehensive program that includes plastic surgery, orthodontics and speech therapy. We know that he will have to go through more than one surgery, and there may be other medical procedures, like tubes in his ears. But, we are hopeful that he can get the best care here in Atlanta.

This is both exciting and a little overwhelming We have one piece of paperwork to be authenticated, which should come back to us very soon, perhaps in the next few days. We will Fedex our dossier to the department at Holt and they will forward it to China. Then, there are several more steps and weeks of waiting in between before we can make arrangements to travel and pick up our son.

We will keep everyone posted, but please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward with this process.


Bonnie and Robert

ALSO: We hope to share photos with everyone soon, but we have to check with our agency to see when we have the OK to post pictures. They even sent us two short videos, which are especially encouraging, because we can see him standing, with assistance from a bar, and laughing at his reflection in a mirror. He is currently in the foster care program, which is a much better situation than orphanage care.


5 thoughts on “We have a referral!

  1. Ahhh, so exciting! I’m so happy for you two and for him. I just learned from Wikipedia: “Dragon years are usually the most popular to have babies. There are more babies born in Dragon years than in any other animal years of the Zodiac.” Go dragons!

  2. Bonnie and Rob! This is great news! You will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers during this process. I am wishing you all the best!!

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