Love nest

Love nest

This beautiful piece of art titled “Love Nest” was donated to our fundraiser by our friend Marilyn Cole. Our buddies Dave and Becky bought it for their home!

Since our February fundraiser, Team Thunderpuss has been quietly saving money and working a little bit on our house in preparation for our upcoming adoption home study. We have chipped away a little bit on the mountain of paper work that comes with this endeavor and will keep working toward that for the next several months. This moment, Robert is writing on the essay portion of the assignment and I am procrastinating the task of making a list of every place I’ve lived since I was 18.

Since part of the home study is a home visit, we also worked a little on our house. In the fall, we put a lot of work into the interior and back yard, but the front looked pretty sad. Last weekend, our sweet friends Ben and Michaelle came to help us with landscaping, and I’m proud to report that the front yard now looks amazing! Our house no longer looks like a sad foreclosure, and has been turned into a home.

We thank everyone for their continued love and support as we get closer to our bigger family. It sometimes seems like tiny steps, but it is happening!

-Bonnie (and Robert)


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