Trials and tribulations of buying a foreclosure

For us, a new home is one of the first steps toward building a family. We were looking for a better neighborhood, decent schools and a location a little closer to our friends and church. We’ve found renters for our current home and after some house hunting discovered a cute foreclosure in Kirkwood.

The house needs work, but it’s nothing that can’t be done in a few weeks before we move in. It’s a few blocks to a Marta station so Rob can walk to the train, and it’s a short walk to Bessie Brahnam Park in Kirkwood. Also, with today’s excellent interest rates, this house is going to be a good investment for us.

We’ve been under contract for several weeks now, and had NO IDEA buying a foreclosure would be such a trial. We’ve had to deal with a seller and selling agent in another country which made communication very difficult. We had to jump through special financing hoops. Now, we are waiting for the company who checks the titles for leans and back taxes to give us the OK. We’ve pushed closing back three times now.

We keep trying to think positively about moving forward with this house because we think it could be a great step in the right direction for our family.


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